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My own name is Niall Drummond I began selling frozen food direct to people’s homes back in 2006 with a company called Seafresh.



My own name is Niall Drummond I began selling frozen food direct to people’s homes back in 2006 with a company called Seafresh. I spent the next 6 years building a significant customer base by being open and honest and hard working delivering the best frozen food on the market. An opportunity arose in late 2012 to open my own business and Quality Foods was born.

Over the past decade we have continued to grow with help of many dedicated sales agents and hardworking staff we now enter a new phase with our new online store where we aim to continue with our core company beliefs mentioned above whilst now being able to deliver our superb products nationally. We are a growing Family-owned business and myself and Pamela are always at hand to help our customers in every possible way we can because you are the lifeblood of our business.

Restaurant Quality food at incredile value from our Door to YOURS….

Irish Seafood

Since 1965


Our Family​

At Quality Foods, we value family above all else. As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels like a part of our extended family.

Freshly Frozen

At Quality Foods all our products are frozen fresh. Freezing these quality ingredients acts as nature’s pause button, locking in freshness and flavor at their peak, ensuring you enjoy foods as if they were just harvested or caught.

Convenient Doorstep Delivery

Experience the ultimate convenience with Quality Foods’ doorstep delivery service. Imagine the finest, flash-frozen gourmet ingredients, bursting with freshness and flavor, arriving right at your doorstep. No more time-consuming trips to the shop, no more compromising on quality for the sake of convenience.

modern cooking

flavors of Ireland

Embark on a culinary journey with the incredible tastes of Ireland, Irish beef, renowned for its superior quality, comes from cattle grazed on the richest grasslands, imbuing the meat with a depth of flavour that’s both unique and unmistakable.

Complementing this is our selection of exquisite seafood, freshly harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic coast. These bountiful seas providing us with seafood that’s as fresh as it is flavourful. Each bite of our beef and seafood is a testament to Ireland’s natural bounty, offering a culinary experience that’s not just nourishing but truly unforgettable.